EV battery monitoring project

I give all my credits to  陳姿妤 張睿凱 who help to design and implement this system. for more info check my website https://www.neatlab.tw


Goal: Smart EVSE Throttle (SET)

An Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) is a car battery charger that outputs power to the car; a dumb EVSE is an inexpensive charger that can typically output fixed current amps during the deployment phase. The new smart EVSE can set the output current remotely after installation, but its hardware cost is high. This study aims to provide a retrofit kit for dumb EVSE (J1772) by desiging a smart EVSE throttle (SET) adapter, which provides functionality similar to an energy throttle between dumb EVSE and EV and allows the user to dynamically adjust the charging current, without modifying the existing dumb EVSEs.

What applications can SET be used to design?

1. Dynamically allocate the charging current of multiple EVSEs from a power source, so that it does not exceed the maximum current limit.

2. Adjust the EVSE output charging current according to the power generation of the solar panel to minimize the use of grid power.


我學生針對傳統J1772充電器(EVSE)做一個轉接器,使原來只能輸出固定電流的J1772 EVSE(例如32A),可以透過我們這個轉接器SET進行遠端的軟體調整供電電流,基本上就是J1772上CP動手來達到這目標。這個後續可以應用如很多個簡單(不用買很貴有網路功能的充電槍,現有老舊J1772充電槍就可以)J1772 EVSE可以動態調整每個槍的供電電流,使之不超過上限某個上限;或者家裡屋頂有發電,我們透過此系統可以動態調整充電電流,使之盡量只用太陽能的電、而不用市電的電力。這個設計參考了2MUCHSUN與OPENEVSE的設計。本設計實際上特斯拉充電測試。